• Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

  • Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

  • B.A. in Biology & Sociology, Connecticut College

This is me.

What is a life coach? I get this question all the time. Honestly, I don't  know an ‘easy way’ to describe what a life coach is even though technically I'm certified as one. I mentor, coach, teach, support and listen to people as they navigate the ups and downs of life. I help my clients create more time in their life & boost their energy supply so they aren’t always feeling like they are running on fumes. I help them break down, map out and implement their goals. I teach them how to better manage their time. I mentor them in creating healthy boundary’s in order to decrease stress and prevent long-term burnout. I hold them accountable, call them out on their inner narrative bullshit, celebrate their win’s and motivate them as they start to change their lives.

I have always lived a balanced and organized life. It just comes naturally to me and is in alignment with my top values; work/life balance, freedom, efficiency, and service to others. Before I set out to help people as a Life Coach I worked in the field of education. This is where I honed my skills for mentoring and teaching. Taking these two skills and combining them with my gift of deep listening, intuitive connecting and believing that we can all lead more balanced, productive and happy lives I set out to change the world. One conversation, group and person at a time.

I love working with my clients 1:1 and in my C5 Women’s Group and being part of their journey as they start to make small tweaks and changes that have lasting impact in how they show up, interact and view the world around them. I am grateful for this gift that I possess. I love being able to support, help, guide and most importantly, believe in my clients when they are struggling to create lives that are less stressful and more peaceful, less ‘busy’ and better prioritized, less draining and more balanced.

When I am not wearing my "coaching" hat, you can find me sweating it out at kickboxing, exploring Boston on foot, checking out a new restaurant or brewery with friends, or reading by the Charles River. An "extroverted-introvert," I love my social time and my reflective re-charge time.

If you think we would work well together, you are curious about optimizing your time, simplifying your life and boosting your energy, Please reach out—I can't wait to meet you!