Blog #5 September, the start of a ‘new year’

Even a decade out of college, September evokes school bells, sharpened new pencils, and slamming lockers. It still feels like the start of a ‘new year’. It’s not just the reminders of back to school sales, it’s the feeling of being refreshed and rejuvenated after a summer filled with more daylight hours, friends and getaways. It’s time to translate that enlightened perspective and energy to a fresh start.

In some ways, September can serve as both a beginning and a midpoint. It’s time to reassess the resolutions you had in January, the goals you hoped to accomplish over the year. Have you made any progress? Were you able to stick to the plan you mapped out for yourself? If not, what got in the way? Was it lack of motivation? Procrastination? Uncertainty? No matter your resolution, September offers you a milestone to check in with yourself and confront your year-to-date progress. Whether breaking old habits or creating healthier new ones, there’s enough crispness in the air and in your mind to finish out the year on a strong, positive note!


Students aren’t the only ones who can reinvent themselves and their work ethic this month. September is the month of fresh promises and renewed energy. How can you capitalize on that to make the changes in your life you have been seeking? I have friends who want to get back on track with balanced eating and exercise after a summer of indulgences and the excuses of ‘maybe tomorrow….’ Others are in the process of moving and are hopeful that a new location, space and environment will be the catalyst for a fresh start. Past colleagues unhappy but stuck in their current careers who confessed to feeling too busy in the summer to pull their resume together or figure out the next step in finding their purpose. Whatever your goal is, September offers you the chance to fully commit to it.

Personally, I’ve been putting off networking. It felt like every time a networking opportunity came up, I was already booked. But now is the time to reevaluate: was I actually busy, or was it merely an excuse? I found myself saying…’in September, when things start to pick back up, that’s when I will start to focus on networking…,’ as if I was waiting for the bell to ring and summon me to first period class.

Well friends, September is here! And what is my ‘new year’ resolution? To get myself out there. How am I going to build up the courage and hold myself accountable? I am hiring a business coach. Yes, this life coach right is seeking coaching of her own. Someone to bounce ideas off of, help me focus on building my business, share fears and worries with and most importantly, someone who will hold me accountable to getting out there! I know I have so much to offer and it’s time to kick my own butt into high gear.

So what are you waiting for? January is 4 months away and will be here before you know it. A new season is upon you, time to commit to making a change.