Words of Wisdom Day 14 featuring Anna Morin

What does 'community' mean to you: 

“I teach my students that community is being supportive of others while also counting on their help so that everyone can grow together. “

Why is having a soul tribe important:

“My tribe connects me to my younger and more carefree self. When I’m overwhelmed, my tribes lets me burn it off and helps to ground me again.”

What words of advice do you have for women seeking out deeper community and connection:

“Not every community will be for you. Find the one that you don’t need to hold anything back from. The one that you are sure loves you enough to recognize your faults, but that understands you’re so much more than that.”

What are your thoughts when it comes to personal growth:

“That it is everlasting. Give up on the idea you will reach perfection. As a teacher, I always say that if I’ve mastered it, I’m not doing it right. I forget to be that patient with myself at times. Some years will be setbacks. Always center yourself on the happy and prideful moments. ”

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be: 

“You don’t have to live in the negativity. Know the difference between when you are and aren’t. Be aware and never let yourself stay there. Even if that means putting on a song you love to dance to when you’re crying in the car. Allow yourself the weak moments, but don’t stay there. “

What do you love about being a woman:

“That I’m a natural caretaker that truly takes joy in doing things for others. ”