Words of Wisdom Day 16 featuring Ariele Russell

What does community mean to you?

“Community is a group of people who choose each other, work together on common goals, and support each other regardless of time spent apart.”

Why is having a soul tribe important to you?

“Having a soul tribe helps you stay true to you. They are people who know your true self and accept you as you are with love. They support you, they keep you grounded, and they light a fire under your a$$ when you need that extra kick to keep going. Time is of no matter with your tribe, long times apart do not diminish the connection.”

What words of advice do you have for women seeking out deeper community and connection:

“Find people who inspire you, who remind you of your true self, and people who remind you of yourself when you felt stuck. A tribe needs balance; those who raise you up and those who you help rise. Helping people is often more rewarding and inspiring than following those who are where you want to be, and that is an idea often lost to people.” 

 What are your thoughts when it comes to personal growth:

“Everyone experiences growth differently. Some friends need time and space. Some need constant attention and check ins. Recognize what you yourself need in those times and STOP GUILTING YOURSELF! Everyone else is selfish... take the time to do what YOU need to do. There is nothing wrong with doing what you need... but there is in feeling bad about it. We need to put ourselves first in times of growth. Eat the cake. Take the nap. Lift the weights. Read the book. It is exactly what you need.”

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be: 


What do you love about being a woman:

“Everything. I love the resilience of my body, mind, and heart. I love the endless giving I am capable of, even when a person doesn't deserve it. I love using my "womanly ways" to get things done. I love that complimenting another woman can make her day/week/month/year/life.”

Last thoughts:

“Embrace your imperfections, quirks, and differences. When you feel lost return to things that brought you happiness as a child - put on that old music. Dance barefoot in the rain. Get creative... just re-live those old passions and allow yourself to rediscover the peace and happiness it brought you before. Return to your roots. Go back to the you before the bullshit.”