Words of Wisdom Day 11 featuring Allison Kimmerle

Why is having a soul tribe important:

“Right now my “soul tribe” is scattered geographically and I have to go to them to connect. But the effort I make to connect comes back to me 10-fold every time. I am rewarded!  I know myself more completely because I stay connected with them. They ask me how I am (and I have to think about how to answer and how I really am); they ask if I am happy (and I have to think about my response to that too); they help me to remember why they like me (and often I need to feel and hear that); and they love me (something that I often need to be reminded of). ”

What words of advice do you have for women seeking out deeper community and connection:

“It is not easy to find connections or a community that fits. But don’t quit exploring! Without community or sustaining connections, isolation results and THAT is a harder situation to find your way through. Believe that you WILL find sustaining connections. It’s a big complex diverse world out there...there ARE sustaining connections waiting! Patience and faith are so important in what can feel like a very long wait!”

What are your thoughts when it comes to personal growth:

“You are never done! You are never fully grown or finally transformed. Life throws zingers, curve balls, and surprises of all kinds at you. It’s guaranteed! Yet through those experiences what you thought you knew about yourself can change. Perhaps you will be transformed in some unanticipated way or develop a new awareness of who you are in the here and now. Change and transformation are not just experiences of youth!”

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be: 

“You cannot know who you will stay connected to as time goes on. Distance, work, family, misunderstandings, marriage, personal decisions, etc. can make cherished friendships harder and harder to maintain. But do whatever you can to keep the connection. If it means that much now,  it will mean even more as time goes on. This is especially true with siblings.”

What do you love about being a woman:

“The ability to give birth to my children. It has been the single most important achievement of my life!”