‘A Tribe of Your Own’

Group Coaching for Women

A tribe for open-minded women seeking deep conversation and lasting connection!

For women on a personal journey of self-discovery, growth and transformation!

Why is it so hard to make friends after college?

Especially if you have moved someplace totally new. Changed careers. Work from home. Are raising kids. have outgrown your old friend group.

Seriously, how do you meet, connect and build real relationships in your 20’s and 30’s?

If you know the secret, fill me in! I seriously want to know. It would have saved me a lot of heartache, anxiety and energy.

Because  even when you do strike up a conversation with someone you feel like could be a true soul friend it’s like dating….who makes the first move? Who asks for whose number? What if you reach out and they decline an invitation to hangout? The fear of rejection is REAL! 

When did creating community and finding friends become so hard!? 

I struggled to find my ‘soul’ tribe when I moved to Boston several years ago. It took time, dedication and putting myself out there to meet other like-minded women. 

It wasn’t easy. And it wasn’t always fun.

It wasn’t until I started my own ‘You Are a Badass Women’s’ bookclub through Meetup that I realized I wasn’t the only one feeling somewhat lost, lonely and tribeless. There were tons of other women out there searching for ‘their people.’ 

Other women to connect with, share deep conversations with, laugh, celebrate, vent, cry, struggle and rejoice with. 

Women, we want to belong. We crave community and sisterhood. We want to talk health, careers, delicious recipes, travel, relationships, family dynamics, personal growth, politics, favorite books, passions and hobbies. 

We seek out ways to grow, push ourselves to make life a little more happy and a little less stressful through podcasts, chick-flicks and self-help books. 

So here is a radical idea. What if you could find both community and personal growth in one place?

What if all you had to do was show up? And you were handed a tribe of your own. You were actually given other women to learn from, share, connect, laugh and grow with? 

Smart, fun, sassy, personal, vulnerable, real, raw, authentic, badass women + a life changing coach, guide and guru that provides life tricks, strategies and tips = A Tribe of Your Own.

(**Wine and sweatpants not included)

How much would that be worth to you? To me, true friendship and community is priceless.

Throw in transformational mentoring and I am actually speechless.  

To learn more about C5 Women’s Group Coaching and how you can find ‘A Tribe of Your Own’ read on….. 

Sign up, fill out an application and get in touch. 

3 simples steps.

That’s all it takes to find your people. 

And start changing your life.

Now, how easy is that? 

What is C5 Group Coaching?

  • A community based, virtual experience that encompasses deep-relationship building with coaching, personal transformation, weekly challenges and internal growth.

  • An unique opportunity to learn, share and connect with like-minded women and your own personal life coach & guru as you try and maneuver through the ups and down, twists and turns of this game game ‘life.’

  • Grow individually as you create a stronger connection with the most important relationship in your life. You!

  • Connect and support other women throughout this amazing journey. Be seen, heard and appreciated for your own strengths and gifts.

  • Laugh, share, celebrate, (probably cry), and lean on one another as you embrace the new version of who you are meant to be.


How do I know if this is the right program for me?

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 3.50.57 PM.png
  • If you are sick of turning to social media and Netflix as a source of distraction and instead want to be living the life you dream of.

  • If you are searching for a tribe, community and an intimate group of your very own. A place where you can be your authentic, genuine, wonderful self.

  • If you are looking for a fresh start, new connections and a safe place to just be.

  • If you are the need of mentorship, coaching and unlimited support.

  • If you are searching for spiritual, mental and energetic transformation!

  • If you are seeking more laughter, fun and uplifting energy in your life.

Give me the Details! What is the setup for C5 Group Coaching?

  • 3 sessions a month on Monday nights from 7:30pm-9:00pm EST through Zoom (an easy to use virtual platform)

  • Unlimited support between calls in the private ‘A Tribe of Your Own’ Facebook Group (from me and the other women!)

  • Weekly assignments to support your own personal growth and transformation

  • Celebration event to wrap-up the 6 month transformational program  

  • Invest in your friendships and community! Short-cut the experience of personal growth and friendship.

  • $2,000 for 6 months of Group Coaching (payment plan options available)

  • $2,750 for 6 months of Group Coaching plus 6 1:1 coaching calls (payment plan options available)

Sample Group Coaching Outline

(subject to change depending on the needs of the group!)

Introduction Call: Introductions, group coaching guidelines, book club discussion of ‘You are a Badass’ by Jen Sincero.

Week 1: Deep dive into Values. Breaking down the two types of values. Determining what are your top values? Why are they important to identify and define. How well are you ‘walking your values talk?’

Week 2: Life check-in utilizing the satisfaction wheel. What areas of your life are you kicking ass in? What areas have you put on the back burner? What might that be costing you in the long term?

Week 3: Identifying the non-negotiable’s in your life and learn the importance of saying ‘no.’ What are your top priorities? How are you currently setting boundaries to protect yourself and your non-negotiable’s in life, in relationships and at work?

Week 4: Shifting our inner-dialogue when it comes to negative self-talk and unworthiness. Learning how to step into gratitude, self-compassion and love.

Week 5: Breaking through limiting beliefs that might be holding you back! How are these past ‘rules’ actually serving you? What would your world look like if you wrote new beliefs for yourself?

Week 6: Let’s be brave and talk about fear. Where do our fears come from? How can you shift your relationship with them?

Week 7: Self-care! What is it really? How can you do a better job incorporating it into your daily lives? What are some ways you can recharge your battery daily?

Week 8: Decompressing 101 to boost your energy. Creating your own decompressing routines and techniques to boost overall energy.

Week 9: Guilt, feeling out of control, people pleasing. How do you let it all go, stop the repetitive cycles and stay true to yourself?

Week 10: Leaning into the discomfort and pain. Why it’s ok. What’s on the other side and how do you get there?

Week 11: Feminine versus Masculine energy. What is the difference? How are you showing up with these two energy types in your life? How might it be affecting your relationships, work and social life?

Week 12: Visioning. The power behind it, what lies ahead for you given all your growth and transformation? What can you accomplish with your badass community and tribe behind you?

Final Celebration! Look at how far you have come, where are you headed next?

I’m selecting a group of community-minded, supportive, and committed women who are ready to find their tribe and experience powerful, transformational growth.

This program is by application only – and space is limited!
Complete the form below to receive further information and your application directly to your email address. 20 minute informational calls will be scheduled once applications are reviewed and accepted.