Does it work? Yes, it does!  

What people are saying....

"Working with Tori over the last several months has been fantastic. She prompted me to clarify my goals and helped me create actionable plans to achieve my objectives, often much more quickly than I expected. Tori's ability to listen extremely intently and to encourage positive action was first-rate. She was able to keep me on track in areas as diverse as growing a business and improving my sleep routine. As a coach myself, I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve aspects of their life. Tori is a delight to work with!"

-Sarah Rabasco

"I consider myself lucky to have been able to work with Tori and get through some stressful times while learning a lot about myself in the process. Tori really helped me to see things from new perspectives and how to really look inside myself for the person I am and who I want to be. She was able to challenge me and help me grow on a personal level."

-Kerry Ann Denley                                                        



I worked with Tori for about 4 months while launching a new business. Tori was always patient, insightful and intuitive during our coaching sessions. When I was stuck or had no idea where to go, she always came up with a plan to help me move forward. Tori has very deep listening skills as well as great ability to ask meaningful questions. She continually moved the process forward while holding me accountable for results. Tori's professional approach and her ability to connect and develop a rapport with her clients is refreshing. I had a great experience with her and I would recommend her coaching to anyone.

-Tom Renehan 

I've sought Tori's guidance in issues related to work transitions and the evolution of interpersonal relationships. In my experience, Tori translates her natural perception from concept to practice with patient guidance. She listens closely to unearth the tension in transitions, helping me to pinpoint and address the main source of stress in work and interpersonal relationships. Plus, she holds me accountable to sustain change. I expect this coach-client relationship to endure for the long-haul.

-Rebecca Webber